StatisticsWithout Formulas! 
Why did you write Statistics101? 
Julian Simon and Peter Bruce developed a language ("Resampling Stats") and a computer program (also called "Resampling Stats") to allow anyone to learn and use statistics through the method of simulation. But the program is fairly expensive for students and the maintenance of the program fell behind. I had purchased an early version of Resampling Stats for my Macintosh, but when I "turned to the Dark Side" (Wintel) some years later, I could no longer use the program. Eventually, I decided to write a Resampling Stats clone and called it Statistics101. I remembered my frustration during my Mac days whenever I ran across a desirable program but discovered that it would only run on Windows. I wrote Statistics101 in Java because I wanted it to run on any computer, especially on the Mac. 
Why is Statistics101 free? 
It is my desire to make Julian Simon's teaching method more available to statistics teachers and students. I don't want cost to stand in the way. So I decided to offer it as a gift to anyone who wants it. I hope you use it and learn. If you would like to return the favor, you can do so here.  
Where can I find more information on the simulation approach to statistics? 
Peter Bruce has a lot of good information about resampling on his website, including many examples as well as Dr. Simon's complete book, Resampling: The New Statistics, which you can read free online. I recommend reading the book and the examples on that site. If you are a teacher you might be interested in reading the articles on that site that discuss ways to integrate the resampling approach with the traditional approach to teaching statistics. 
When I double-click on InstallStatistics101.jar I get an error message saying "Windows cannot open this file... windows needs to know what program created it." 
This probably means that you do not have Java installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) free of cost from Sun or from Download the JRE from one of those sites and install it on your computer. That should resolve the problem. 
I have installed Statistics101 (Linux, java from Sun) and it appears to work properly. However, there are some minor problems. Instead of icons in the menu bar I see only small gray squares. The icons are in the folder /config but seemingly the program cannot find them. Also it complains when I try to change the default folder for programs (in menu: Edit/Preferences):"Could not store preferences file config/preferences (No such file or directory)".  
This probably means that you are not running the program from its prefered working directory. Try cd-ing to the directory where the Statistics101.jar file is and running it from that directory.
Statistics101 Tutorials
Flash Tutorial (700kb) Shows the main features of the Statistics101 program.
Command Summary Gives a one-line description of each of the Resampling Stats commands.
Intro to Statistics101 programming (PDF or Kindle) This doc gets you started with Statistics101 and the Resampling Stats language.
User's Guide to Statistics101 (HTML) Describes the Statistics101 program and all the Resampling Stats commands in full detail. (Also included with the program download.)
Examples: Typical introductory Statistics class examples solved using Resampling Stats instead of formulas and tables. 
More Examples: Originally from Peter Bruce's website showing a variety of statistical problems solved using Resampling Stats. These will all work in the Statistics101 program. Used with permission.
Resampling: The New Statistics Julian Simon's online textbook with full explanation and examples of applied resampling.
Contact me if you have any questions or comments about Statistics101, or if you find a bug.