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Statistics101 Resampling Stats Commands

Using the Sequence and Multiple Operators

ABS inputVector resultVariable

ADD inputVector inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

ARGCOUNT numberOfArguments

BINOMIALPROB numberOfTrials pStatistics101_Java_1.4_1.0.7 (In progress):robabilityOfSuccess [numberOfSuccesses] resultVector

BOXPLOT inputVector {inputVector}


BUBBLEGRAPH [LOG | LOGLOG] [DISKS] [RADII] [SHOWALL] [TITLE ("tab title" | tabTitleStringVariable)] ["Y axis label" | yAxisLabelStringVariable  ["X axis label" | xAxisLabelStringVariable]] xVector yVector zVector{xVector yVector zVector}

CHISQUARE observedValuesVector expectedValuesVector resultVariable

CLEAN variable {variable}

CLEAR variable {variable}



COMBINATIONS numberOfItems groupSizeNumber resultVariable


CONCAT inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

CONST [TYPE typeName] (literalNumber | literalList) name {name}

COPY inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

CORR inputVector inputVector resultVariable

COUNT inputVector test resultVariable

DATA inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

DATE resultStringVariable

DEBUG ["message string" | messageStringVariable]

DECLARE subroutineName {argumentVector} [#["optional arg name list"]] {@"category name"} [?"Description String"]

DEDUP inputVector resultVariable

DIVIDE inputVector inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable


ENUM [TYPE typeName] enumeratorName {enumeratorName}

EXEC [NOWAIT] [VERBOSE] ("command String" | commandStringVariable) {"Argument String" | argumentStringVariable} [DIR ("workingDirectory" | workingDirectoryVariableString)] [ENV ("env settings" | envSettingsStringVariable)

EXIT ["message string" | messageStringVariable]

EXP inputVector resultVariable

EXPONENTIAL sizeNumber meanNumber resultVariable

FFT inputRe inputIm outputRe outputIm

FOREACH variable vector

FRACTION inputVector resultVariable

FUZZ number

GENERATE sizeNumber dataVector resultVariable

GETARG argNumber resultVariable

GETFILEPATH fileNameStringvariable  [baseNameStringVariable  [extensionStringVariable [parentPathStringVariable  [fullPathStringVariable]]]]

GLOBAL variableName {variableName}

HISTOGRAM [PERCENT] [BINSIZE binsizeNumber] [BINS binsNumber] [YSCALE yscaleNumber] [TITLE  ("tab title" | tabTitleStringVariable)] [("Y Axis Label" | yAxisLabelStringVariable)(["X Axis Label" | xAxisLabelStringVariable]] inputVector {inputVector}

HISTOGRAMDATA [PERCENT] [BINSIZE binsizeNumber] [BINS binsNumber] inputVector binNumbersVec binStartsVec binCentersVec frequenciesVec [cumFrequenciesVec [invCumFrequenciesVec]]

HISTOGRAMPLOT [PERCENT] [BINSIZE binsizeNumber] [BINS binsNumber] [YSCALE literalNumber] inputVector {inputVector}

IF logicalExpression...{ELSEIF logicalExpression}... [ELSE]...END

INPUT [STRING] ["prompt string" | promptStringVariable] (resultVectorVariable |  resultStringVariable)

INTEGER [truncate | floor | ceiling | round] inputVector resultVariable

INCLUDE "fileName" {"fileName"}

LET a = b*(c+d)/g^h*(log k)

LOG | LOG10 inputVector resultVariable

LOGNORMAL [EXP] sizeNumber meanNumber standardDeviationNumber resultVariable

MAX inputVector resultVariable

MAXSIZE [default sizeLiteralNumber] {variable sizeLiteralNumber}

MEAN inputVector resultVariable

MEDIAN inputVector resultVariable

MIN inputVector resultVariable

MODE inputVector resultVariable

MULTIPLES inputVector test resultVariable

MULTIPLY inputVector inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

NAME [TYPE typeName] [literalNumber | literalList] name {name}

NEWARRAY arrayName sizeNumber {sizeNumber}

NEWCMD commandName {argumentVector} [?"descriptionString"]

NORMAL sizeNumber [meanNumber standardDeviationNumber] resultVariable

NORMALPROB inputVector [meanNumber stdDevNumber] resultVariable

NORMALPROBINV inputVector [meanNumber stdDevNumber] resultVariable

NUMBERS inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

OUTPUT [FILE ("fileName" | fileNameStringvariable)] [APPEND] ("format string" | formatStringVariable) {number}

PARETO sizeNumber locationNumber shapeNumber resultVariable


PERCENTILE inputDataVector inputPercentVector resultVariable

PERMUTATIONS numberOfItems groupSizeNumber resultVariable

POISSON sizeNumber lambdaNumber resultVariable

POWER baseVector powerVector resultVariable

PRINT [TABLE] ["text string" | stringVariable] {inputVector[formatSpec]}

PRODUCT inputVector resultVariable


PUT inputVector positionsVector resultVector

RANDOM sizeNumber dataVector resultVariable

RANKS [DESCENDING] inputVector resultVariable

READ [FILE ("fileName" | fileNameStringVariable)] | ARGFILE] [MISSING literalNumber] [ROWS] [FILL] [HEADING] resultVariable[formatSpec] {resultVariable[formatSpec]}

RECODE inputVector test inputNumber resultVariable

REGRESS [NOCONST] [NOPRINT] dependentVector independentVector {independentVector} resultVariable

REMAINDER inputVector inputVector resultVariable

REMOVE dataVector positionVector resultVariable

REPEAT inputNumber

ROTATE numberOfPlaces inputVector resultVariable

ROUND inputVector resultVariable

RUNS inputVector test resultVariable

SAMPLE sizeNumber dataVector resultVariable

SCALARIZE inputVector resultVariable

SCATTERGRAPH [LOG | LOGLOG] [TITLE  ("tab title" | tabTitleStringVariable)] ["Y axis label" | yAxisLabelStringVariable  ["X axis label" | xAxisLabelStringVariable]] xVector yVector {xVector yVector}

SCORE inputVector resultVariable {resultVariable}

SEED [JAVA | MERSENNE] [literalNumber]

SET sizeNumber inputNumber resultVariable

SHIFT numberOfPlaces [fillNumber] inputVector resultVariable

SHUFFLE inputVector resultVariable

SIGN [SIGNUM] inputVector resultVariable

[SIN | COS | TAN | ASIN | ACOS | ATAN] inputVector resultVariable

SIZE inputVector resultVariable

SORT [DESCENDING] inputVector resultVariable

SQUARE inputVector resultVariable

SQRT inputVector resultVariable

STDEV [DIVN | POP] inputVector resultVariable

STRING (\"string literal\" | stringVariable | vector[formatSpec) {\"string literal\" | stringVariable | vector[formatSpec]} resultStringVariableName

STRING_COMPARE [MATCHCASE] string1 string2 resultVariable

STRING_REPLACE [FIRST] [MATCHCASE] regexString replacementString inputString resultString

SUBTRACT inputVector inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

SUM inputVector resultVariable

SUMABSDEV inputVector inputVector resultVariable

SUMSQRDEV inputVector inputVector resultVariable

TAGS inputVector test resultVariable

TAGSORT [DESCENDING] inputVector resultVariable

TAKE dataVector positionVector resultVariable

TIME resultVariable

TIMEPLOT dataVector

UNIFORM sizeNumber lowerLimitNumber upperLimitNumber resultVariable

UNTIL logicalExpression

URN inputVector {inputVector} resultVariable

VARIANCE [DIVN | POP] inputVector resultVariable

WEED inputVector test resultVariable

WEIBULL sizeNumber scaleNumber shapeNumber resultVariable

WHILE logicalExpression

WRITE [(FILE ("fileName" | fileNameStringVariable)) | WINDOW | ARGFILE] [MISSING literalNumber] [ROWS] [FILL] [HEADING] [APPEND] inputVector [formatSpec] {inputVector [formatSpec]}

XYGRAPH [LOG | LOGLOG] [TITLE  ("tab title" | tabTitleStringVariable)] [("Y axis label" | yAxisLabelStringVariable) ["X axis label" | xAxisLabelStringVariable]] xVector yVector {yVector}

XYPLOT [LOG] xVector yVector {yVector}

Appendix: Commands Listed by Categories

Appendix: Command Summary

Appendix: Using the Debugger